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Hour of Power Fitness Class

What is the HoP?

Imagine a fitness class that combined the mental focus and breathing of Yoga, the core muscle development of Pilates, the high-energy fat-burning of Aerobics, and the muscle conditioning of resistance-training...you are imagining the Hour of Power.

Why the Hour of Power?

The Hour of Power will allow you to achieve a high level of total-body fitness in a very short space of time, typically just 1-3 hours per week. It is one of the few fitness classes that is equally attended by men and women alike. It is also suited to all levels of fitness because the difficulty and intensity of the class is entirely controlled by the participant.

History of the class:

The Hour of Power is the original total-body fitness class, devised more than 25 years ago in London, England by fitness expert Dragan Radovic. Seeking to bring a serious upper body dimension to the world of aerobics and studio fitness, Dragan devised a cardio-vascular workout that demanded equally of the upper body's muscles as much as the lower. The result was a uniquely addictive workout which began to rapidly change people's bodies and radically improve their vitality.

The format of the class was built upon Dragan's theory of training known as Fitness4x4 (www.fitness4x4.com) - a concept which suggested that true cardiovascular fitness should not be the realm of the lower body only, but rather all 4-limbs (Fitness 4x4) should be utilised equally. No other fitness class past or present has made such a significant demand on upper body cardio, or sought to bring the body into true fitness balance like the Hour of Power, which is why we simply refer to it as The Ultimate Workout.

The Hour of Power is taught in 5 countries worldwide and at locations throughout the U.K., with over 100 trained instructors and almost a decade of Certification Programmes. (REPS accredited)

It has been pioneered in the UK for the past 12 years by Rajko Radovic, the youngest of Dragan's two sons and current National Director for the Hour of Power Ltd & Fitness4x4.

Below you will find images from our recent Hour of Power Masterclass.

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Hour of Power

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Hour of Power Fitness Class

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